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How do I know I’m doing it right?
Unlike other things in life, the harder you “try” to meditate, the less likely y... more
Which course should I start with first?
We recommend starting with the 30-Day Mindfulness Course found under the Essenti... more
Can I move or scratch an itch while meditating?
Yes, don’t feel like meditating is about sitting perfectly still. However, we a... more
Can I meditate lying down?
You can but we recommend sitting upright with a comfortable posture. This will h... more
How long will it take to see the benefits of meditation?
There’s an adage among experienced practitioners that once you stop caring about... more
How often should I meditate?
Starting out, we recommend trying to create a habit of at least trying to medita... more
How should I sit when meditating?
You don’t need to sit in any particular or special way when you’re meditating. ... more