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Category: Meditation

How often should I meditate?

Starting out, we recommend trying to create a habit of at least trying to meditate once a day. This ensures your best chance at developing meditation as a regular habit. However, we understand that even once a day can be difficult, so don’t become discouraged if you can’t maintain a . . . Read more

How long will it take to see the benefits of meditation?

There’s an adage among experienced practitioners that once you stop caring about the benefits of meditation, that’s when you’ve received the benefits of meditation. Ultimately though, this will vary among person to person, and depend on how frequently and how long you meditate. If you find yourself carrying forward being . . . Read more

Can I meditate lying down?

You can but we recommend sitting upright with a comfortable posture. This will help you maintain focus a little better. However, feel free to make the practice your own. If you’d like to lie down or need to lie down, do it. There’s no right or wrong way to sit.

How do I know I’m doing it right?

Unlike other things in life, the harder you “try” to meditate, the less likely you’re “doing it right”. Meditation is about letting go. We don’t want to try to control what happens during the practice, or judge what happens. Whatever happens during the practice, is part of the practice. Any . . . Read more

How should I sit when meditating?

You don’t need to sit in any particular or special way when you’re meditating. A chair or cushion on the floor is fine. You don’t need to sit in a lotus position or have your hands out with your fingers touching. Just sit comfortably, with a good posture, and with . . . Read more